New Energy Saving Thermostat Feature

Introducing a New Energy-Saving Thermostat Feature

We’re excited to let you know about a new, free energy-saving feature. Now, you can program your thermostat according to the actual activity patterns in your home, not just your best guesses. This allows your energy management system to be much smarter because it now understands your home’s day to day activity patterns.

To get started, access the new Smart ScheduleTM Activity Patterns feature on the Thermostats page of your online account. Simply check the box marked “Smart Schedule Activity Pattern” found on both the Heat and Cool Schedules tabs to see your daily activity patterns overlaid on your thermostat schedule. Then, you can easily set the most energy-efficient schedule by updating the temperatures and times to match the likelihood of someone being at home each day of the week.

Take advantage of this new feature today and help your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently, especially when no one is home.


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