Geo-Services Based Arming Reminders

We are excited to offer this FREE service enhancement available through’s proven platform. With’s Geo-Services you can be more connected to your home or business than ever before. The new Geo-Services based Arming Reminders feature lets you receive automatic notifications if you enter or exit a specified “geofence” – for example, a 1 mile radius around your home – without arming their security system. You can then arm the system immediately and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

For example, let’s say John leaves for work Monday morning, but forgets to arm his system. As soon as he leaves his Home geofence, an arming reminder will be delivered to his smartphone so John can quickly take action and protect his home.

It’s easy as 1-2-3.

To take advantage of Geo-Services functionality, follow these simple steps:

1 Enable Geo-Services on one or more phones.

Log into the latest version of the app from an iPhone or Android device and enable Geo-Services, found under the Settings menu within the app.

2 View & manage Geofences online

Log into the website and go to Mobile > Geo-Services to view and edit geofences for the account. A “Home” geofence will be created by default around the system address.

3 Set up geo-enabled rules or notifications

The Geo-Services page on the website links to the Geo-enabled Arming Reminders feature.

The Arming Reminders feature is the first of many planned releases based on our new Geo-Services technology, which leverages the mobile phone as an additional input for system rules and notifications.


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