Business Solutions

Business Security & Control Solutions

Alerts & Notifications

• Know what’s going on at all times
• Customizable alerts sent straight to your cell phone

Intrusion Detection

• Deter burglars & thieves
• Save on your businesses insurance

Fire Alarm Systems

• Early detection of potential fires
• Automatically notify fire department

Access Control Systems

• No more handing out keys to employees!
• Lock and unlock doors from your phone

HD Video Surveillance

• Motion activated video clip recording
• View live streams from anywhere

Water Damage Prevention

• Detect leaks
• Prevent costly disasters

Thermostat Control

• Automatically adjust temperatures
• Save on your electricity bill

Light & Appliance Control

• Easily schedule lights to turn on or off
• Turn on lights when motion is detected

We offer business-grade security systems to safeguard your property and your staff. Unlike old-fashioned alarms that rely solely on a keypad, our advanced internet based systems allow you to manage access codes for multiple employees and lets you know exactly who armed or disarmed the system. Its dedicated wireless signal means that an intruder can’t disable the alarm by cutting the power or the phone line. And just as important, an system protects your business on the inside, too, monitoring every door, drawer, cabinet and safe at your store or office.

To find out how to get one of our advanced security systems installed in YOUR business, please call us directly at (925) 600-9240 or submit your information using the ‘Request A Quote’ form below and we’ll give you a call as soon as possible!


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