Alarm Monitoring

Maintaining a steady and reliable means of monitoring your security system is crucial for being able to respond appropriately to your next emergency.  Our operators are always available in two different locations to respond to any emergency. Whether it be an intrusion, fire, or environmental issue, our operators are highly trained to properly decode the particular alarm signals and respond appropriately. Our 24 hour central station can be reached at (800) 891-9315. If you need technical assistance outside normal business hours, call this number and ask to be transferred to the on duty technician.

Backed by is our backend network provider partner that manages communications between the security equipment at a premise, our Central Monitoring Station, and our clients selected smartphones and computers. The services available with this network rival those available from the phone company and other private systems available in the industry. It smartly harnesses the massive investments that cellular companies have made in their cell networks so we can cost effectively use it to provide our clients security, control and notifications services to their liking. Check out the new emPower™ that allows remote control and intelligent automation of your thermostats, lights & door locks– available on select systems.

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