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Our advanced wireless security systems enable you to always know what’s happening at your home or business. With event notifications via text message, email, or push notifications as well as state of the art security services (dedicated wireless cellular connections, backup battery protection, crash and smash protection, two-way emergency voice communication, etc), you’ll have confidence knowing that the people and things you love will stay safe.

1Why You Should Choose Us

Interactive Security

We utilize the best products and services available to provide our clients with the most effective systems possible. The security industry is rapidly changing and we are quick to offer the latest capabilities to our clients. New technologies allow systems to be more capable, more reliable and easier than ever to operate.

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25+ Years of Experience

Our veteran team of Service personnel have a collective experience base of over 30 years servicing and maintaining security and control systems. There is little that we haven’t seen or serviced and we can apply this capability to helping you with your system.  Our priority continues to be to provide the best products and services available.

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Professional Support

Our entire team is committed to completely satisfying every client we are privileged to earn and serve. All on-site sales, services, and installations are performed exclusively by our licensed and bonded, professionally trained employees. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day every day, holidays included.

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2Know What’s Going On

  • Know when the kids get home from school, or what time your teen got in last night.
  • Receive instant notification if a gun cabinet, liquor cabinet, or anything else is opened unexpectedly.
  • Remotely turn off the straightening or curling iron that was accidentally left on.
  • See what time the pet sitter arrived and know exactly how long they stayed.
  • Find out if your teenager spent the afternoon playing video games in the basement or upstairs (hopefully) doing homework.


3 Are You Interested?

Reach out to us. Technology that was once only feasible for the rich and famous is now available to the masses. Our systems are much more affordable than you’d imagine and we monitor our competitors prices to make sure you’re getting a great deal. Our systems are also very adaptable.

Don’t want all the extra bells and whistles? Not a problem! Schedule a time for one of our dedicated service professionals to come survey your home and get an exact price or just call us for a quick ballpark number!




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